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tv   Campaign 2020 Rep. Tulsi Gabbard in Manchester NH  CSPAN  February 12, 2020 3:29am-3:48am EST

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together we will be donald trump. jeff and and ann support our campaign. let's get to work. thank
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>> representative tulsi gabbard spoke to supporters in manchester, new hampshire. >> [chants of "tulsi!"] rep. gabbard: it is great to see you out here tonight. thank you so much. it is time. i want to say thanks to a few folks here. so many of you have put in so many hours. you have made contributions. to encourage people to make sure they exercise their right ot vote and our voices will be haeard. this round of applause is for all of you. i want to say thank you to some people. the owner of this fine establishment.
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thank you so much for having us all here tonight. you've heard from just a few of our many supporters here. thanks to them. thank you all so much. have so appreciated, really, from the bottom of my heart of having the privilege of getting to know all of you. it is such a privilege. i wish everyone could hear your stories.
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i wish everyone could hear the passion and heart and commitment i have seen from people all across the state. and all across this country. we are standing here tonight strong, resilient, ever committed to our cause. cause that brings us all together. we are motivated by love. motivated by a love of country. a deep care for each other. and for our future. no matter what happens here tonight, we have already been victorious. we have already been victorious. because of what we have built here together. even though there have been efforts to smear us, to silence us, even though we have been
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outspent by even 16 times, but as the numbers are rolling in, you are hearing the results of this work. as much as they have tried to erase us from this election, we stand strong. we are still here. [cheering] this is a testament to every single one of you, to the importance of the message. and the mission of our campaign. it is bigger than any one of us. this message and mission of how
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we the people will stand up, take our government back, end these regime change wars. this new cold war and nuclear arms race. we will stand together and unite this country. at a terribly divided time. standing upon this common ground, motivated by our common love for this country. our commitment to ensure we bring into reality the vision of our founders. that we will have a government of, by, and for the people.
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[cheering] you have heard me talk about this many times. what does this actually mean in practice? this means we no longer accept politicians who tell us there is not enough money to make sure every single person in new hampshire or in this country has clean water to drink. we will no longer accept politicians who tell us we do not have enough money for your child to get a good education. we will no longer accept politicians who tell us, there is not enough money to serve the needs of you and your loved ones
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and your families. [cheering] a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, that means leaders in washington who are hearing your voices. who share your pain. and who share this deep commitment that we all have to strive toward that more perfect union, to usher in that bright future for every single american. that is up to us. [applause] as we continue in the primary, i
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hear from a lot of democrats every day, the number one concern is we need a candidate who can beat trump. have you heard this? i am that candidate that will not only be able to beat trump, but most importantly, i am that candidate committed to putting country first. to lead our country and a way that allows us to heal these divides. fighting for the future we know is possible. [applause]
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i want to take a second and introduce you to olivia. i have gotten to know her over the last several weeks. her mom has been one of our incredible volunteer leaders. she not only brought olivia, she has another daughter here tonight. olivia brought her friends from school to go to encourage people to vote for me. can you tell everyone here tonight how you feel? how was your day? >> i had a fun time and i was really happy that tulsi could come over.
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she shook hands with people. it really made a difference. rep. gabbard: you guys made a difference. you guys made a difference. what do you want to study and do when you are a little older? >> i want to be a teacher. a kindergarten teacher. to help kindergartners have an awesome first year. rep. gabbard: thank you. thank you, olivia. thank you. you are awesome. when we think about why we're doing what we're doing, there are so many reasons why. olivia, you are one of those reasons. when you grow up, you will be able to pay it forward and help take care of others. to make sure kids have an
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awesome first year. this election, we have so much at stake. so yes, this is about beating donald trump. it is about we the people standing up and ushering in a bright future for all americans. [applause] i am the first female combat veteran to ever run for president. [cheering] i have served in the army national guard for almost 17 years. like so many of the veterans who are in this hall tonight, i have deployed twice to the middle east. i experienced that reality of knowing that death could come at
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any moment. i have nothing to fear from donald trump. i will bring a fresh, new generation of leadership. with experience and understanding. to turn those creative ideas into real solutions that serve you. that serve your loved ones. that serves our country first and foremost. [cheering] our democracy belongs to us. don't ever forget that. no matter what the noise is on television, what the pundits tell you you cannot do or what we cannot do as americans, remind them and never forget that we the people determine our
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future. you make the decisions about who you want to lead this country. what kind of government you want for yourselves and your families and this great country. we know that when we stand united, we as americans, we can accomplish anything. [cheering] my main message to you here tonight is really one of thanks. our campaign is truly a beautiful, inspiring, people powered campaign. that is all of you. people who woke up and said, i am sick and tired of the same old same old. i will do something about it. that is what is happening here. a people powered campaign. we have so much to be proud of.
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so much to be grateful for. i hope you have a good night sleep tonight. we are back to work tomorrow. [cheering] i am not joking. [laughter] we are going to south carolina. i am jumping on the plane right after this. we will continue to spread this message. to all americans, to the voters of south carolina, north carolina, georgia, virginia, massachusetts, vermont, maine, we are taking this campaign forward. thank you, thank you. >> [chants of tulsi!]
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rep. gabbard: this is about we the people standing united. thank also much for being here. thank you. thank you so much. i love you all. i really do. i will miss seeing all of you every day as we have throughout this campaign and the time we have spent here. know that you are in my heart wherever we go. if you live in new hampshire, i expect you to still be able to make phone calls and get online and get on social media. come and help us out in maine,
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vermont, massachusetts. help us to continue to spread this important message. bring about this change we need to see. thank you so much. aloha. thank you. [indiscernible] [applause] [indiscernible]
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>> thank you. thank you. >> thank you, everybody. tulsi has to catch a plane to south carolina right now.
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we love you! aloha! rep. gabbard: thank you for being here. i appreciate your support. thank you so much. thank you for being here. thank you so much. thank you. we are continuing on. thank you, everybody. thank you so much. [cheering]
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we are going to win maryland. i got your email. i changed what you pointed out. thank you so much. thank you. >> andrew yang ended his presidential campaign. mr. yang made that announcement before supporters in manchester. ♪


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